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Visual Logic provides Graphic Recording / Visual Scribing, Graphic Facilitation, and Animated Scribe and Whiteboard Videos for better meetings and communication.


About Us

Visual Logic provides Graphic Recording (sometimes referred to as Visual Scribing, Live Scribing, Doodling, or Sketchnotes), Graphic Facilitation, and Animated Scribe Videos for leading organizations including Chick-fil-A, Belk, Coca-Cola, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and more. We help organizations harness the tremendous potential of their critical meetings, retreats, conferences, and development programs. Put simply, we combine word and image to make meetings and communications better.

Founder Martha McGinnis has been a leader in the field of graphic recording and facilitation for more than a decade. She is a former President of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners and is currently a Vice President of the Southeast Association of Facilitators.

Increase Learning and Multiply Return On Investment for your high-value Meetings

Martha has a gift for helping participants feel ownership in the meeting process and commitment to the outcome. Her work helps attendees quickly recall the highlights, great moments, key messages, and next steps in a way that PowerPoints and flip charts cannot.

Meeting organizers appreciate the way Martha's graphics communicate what happened and what mattered -- quickly, and in a way that grabs people's attention.  They especially appreciate how easy it is to bring Martha and her work into their events -- Visual Logic makes it simple to add "WOW".

If you're ready to go beyond the "canned and perfect" toward something more innovative and creative, consider adding the magic of graphic recording and facilitation to your next meeting. Partnering with Visual Logic will ensure that people think and talk about your event for months to come.

WHERE can Visual Logic add Value?

Where people are thinking deeply or broadly, our work helps them see patterns, explore possibilities and capture thoughts without tying them down.

Where people are dealing with issues that have high emotional content, the chart on the wall will honor individual contributions and viewpoints, capture the power of emotional content, and help the conversation to move on productively. Process graphics are amazingly effective at defusing highly-charged feelings.

Where there is a lot of varied informational content that is part of a larger picture, process graphics, whether a series of meeting charts, or a carefully designed presentation chart, help tell the story. During each meeting, people and see and appreciate how what's happening at the moment fits in to the whole. Later, the charts provide a rich visual narrative that will allow you to tell the story again and again, accurately and effectively.

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