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Visual Logic provides Graphic Recording / Visual Scribing, Graphic Facilitation, and Animated Scribe and Whiteboard Videos for better meetings and communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Visual Practitioner"?

The work of Visual Practitioners includes Graphic Recording, Graphic Meeting Facilitation, and Scribe Videos, and may also be referred to as Visual Scribing, Doodling, or Sketchnotes. Put simply, we use large scale words and images to make meetings more powerful--there's something about seeing their own words on the wall that makes people feel truly heard and truly valued.


Which type of Visual Practice is most popular? 

Graphic Recording is most popular and typically most helpful for our clients. It happens live, on large sheets of 4-ft by 8-ft paper big enough for everyone to see. While the meeting is in progress, Martha listens carefully to what's said and then uses her expert judgment as she chooses what to record.


Can you help with Conference Calls, Video Conferences and Webinars?

Yes, there are a number of tools that allow us to capture content remotely and display the chart to participants.


Are additional or DIY services available?

A number of additional services such as custom facilitation templates and tools, story maps, graphic histories, presentation murals, posters, and handouts are available upon request. Martha can recommend these services as complements to traditional Graphic Recording, Graphic Meeting Facilitation, and Scribe Video Services, or she can provide them as Do-It-Yourself options for organizations on a tight budget. Please get in touch to learn more.


Who brings in a Graphic Recorder or Facilitator?

Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation are utilized by executives and leaders, human resource and organizational development professionals, and consultants, facilitators, and coaches who want more value from events, meetings and group process work of all kinds. Meeting planners, hotels, and conference centers often provide live graphic recording, meeting facilitation, and scribe videos for their clients.

Visual Logic's services are an excellent investment for many organizations under a number of circumstances. The response is powerful and positive--whether participants are high-level executives, professionals and staff, or front-line associates.


Do you need to know the meeting agenda or content before the event?

Martha likes to have the meeting agenda ahead of time in order to estimate the number of charts that will be used and plan her time, but she does not need to know specific content. The beauty of this is that she captures what happens in the moment, not what meeting organizers think will be said. It's live and real.


Will I get digital versions of the graphic recordings?

Yes. Martha will provide digital photos for printing. Alternatively, you may choose to have them professionally scanned for an additional fee.  We always recommend the highest quality and highest value scanning service available--Landau Chartworks.

How will Visual Logic make my meeting better?

Visual Logic will make your meeting better anytime you want to get more out of bringing people together. Meetings are expensive, and active use of color and image will boost the return on your meeting investment--when people get the charts later, they'll actually look at them...and remember!

Consider incorporating Graphics into your event when:

  • You have critical or high level objectives
  • The people in the room represent a high resource cost
  • You want to reach hearts and minds
  • New ideas are in short supply
  • High emotions are getting in the way of important results
  • There is a high level of complexity
  • You want to create a lasting, strategic impact
  • It's time to leave the past behind and move into new territory

It's even been called ""Visual Magic" !


Where can I see some examples?

Many examples of our work can be seen on our Gallery page. If you don't find what you're looking for there, please get in touch and ask. While much of our work is confidential, we've been working in this field for more than a decade and can most likely show you an example of precisely what you want to see.


How much will it cost? Do you offer any packages?

Daily rates for Graphic Recording begin at $2,500.00 and may vary based on scope of work. Graphic Facilitation is somewhat more. Project pricing is available for multiple days or events, and is determined by project specifics. Please get in touch for a quote.


Do you travel outside of the Atlanta area? Internationally?

Yes. Martha works widely throughout the US and abroad. She has worked on every continent but Antarctica.


What makes Visual Logic different?

Visual Logic has a long and seasoned history of providing process graphics for some of the most prominent organizations in the world. Founder Martha McGinnis takes exceptional care of clients, and they return to her time after time as a result of the outstanding service and value she provides. Visit our Testimonials page to learn what clients are saying.


We will have concurrent breakout sessions--can you provide a team to cover all of them?

Yes, we have a large network of skilled Graphic Recorders and Facilitators who will work together to meet your needs.


I'm interested, how do I get started?

We're happy that you're interested in working with us! To begin, please contact Martha and share details about your needs. She will share ideas to support your event, provide a quote specific to your project, and will advise regarding next steps.



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