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Visual Logic provides Graphic Recording / Visual Scribing, Graphic Facilitation, and Animated Scribe and Whiteboard Videos for better meetings and communication.

Meet Martha McGinnis


Founded in 2003 by Martha McGinnis, Visual Logic is the product of a career in private industry that encompassed management, finance, organizational development, and operations. The common threads were people, process, leading change, and meetings. Lots of meetings.

For Martha, work as a Graphic Recorder and Facilitator is the resolution of a life-long oscillation between word and image. Providing fresh and powerful tools for moving organizations to higher-order thinking and action, hers is a unique practice that brings into the meeting room her deep grounding in the language and process of business, as well as her fluency in visual expression and high-fidelity listening. Her work was featured in a 2006 issue of Training + Development magazine.

Martha is excellent at what she does, and clients consistently rave about her and her work.

In private industry, Martha collaborated with line employees to identify changes in individual work practices, systems, and beliefs necessary to eliminate hazardous incidents. The pilot program they eventually proposed became the heart of a multi-million dollar, industry-transforming operational excellence program.

Dedicated to facilitating the success of worthwhile efforts wherever they arise,  she works with organizations of all kinds to identify core principles, surface internal wisdom, and build visions, strategies, and plans that people will embrace whole-heartedly. To that end, Martha tailors her work to support the specific needs of her clients: Leaders, Facilitators, and Consultants who seek to enhance processes, engage people, and achieve lasting results.

Martha is well-prepared by both education and experience to practice in a full range of organizational environments. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, she practices throughout the Southeast, nationwide, and beyond.


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Helping people tell their stories, together, to create NEW ENDINGS

Education and Training

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, St. John's College, The Great Books Program

Graduate Studies, University of Kansas at Lawrence, Architectural Engineering

Master of Business Administration, University of Kansas at Lawrence, Finance

In addition to formal academic study, Martha has completed a number of certification and continuing education courses including: The Effective Facilitator, Leadership Strategies; Graphic Facilitation, The Grove Consultants; Certified Facilitator, Developmental Dimensions International; Internal Consulting, QualTeam; and Leadership Mastery and Leading Learning Organizations, Innovation Associates.

Professional Activities

Martha makes it a priority to get heavily involved in order to positively contribute to her profession, her colleagues, and her community.

She is a Southeast Association of Facilitators board member.

She is a former Board Member and Past President of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (2004-06, 2010-11).   Martha is committed to establishing Visual Practice, including Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation, as a powerful and valuable tool that belongs in every meeting-planner's toolkit.  She has undertaken the task of supporting and unifying a diverse and far-flung membership around a common purpose: making a powerful and positive impact on meetings everywhere. 

She is a past President of the Atlanta Treasury Management Association, and has been a member of these organizations:

  • International Association of Facilitators
  • International Society for Performance Improvement
  • Meeting Professional International
  • Society for Human Resources Management

Personal likes and interests

Martha is a longtime Atlanta resident, and enjoys travel-- especially to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. When she isn't working with a Visual Logic client or volunteering in a professional capacity, Martha enjoys reading, mindfulness meditation, and spending time with her family including her engineer husband, two daughters, two crazy cats, as well as her amazing mother, with whom she shares her home.


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