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Visual Logic provides Graphic Recording / Visual Scribing, Graphic Facilitation, and Animated Scribe and Whiteboard Videos for better meetings and communication.

Meeting Facilitation

A great meeting requires a great meeting design: the right structure helps a group reach its objectives, and can accommodate diverse opinions and challenges.  As a Facilitator, Martha often uses pre-drawn graphic templates and imagery to lead the group toward a goal. Visual Logic's Meeting Facilitation service is an economical and potentially powerful option if your budget doesn't cover a separate facilitator. It's an interactive, exciting, and engaging process that draws people in and stimulates innovation.

How It Works

Visual Logic will help you to identify and clarify your meeting objectives. Then, processes, activities, and visuals will be designed to create the right mood, engage participants fully, handle issues productively, and produce the results you want. Visual Logic helps participants capture and develop their emergent wisdom and answer questions such as... what's under the surface?... what's new?... what's truly essential?... what's next?... what are you committed to?

Individuals are more productive and innovative when you put the whole brain to work, and groups find it easier to get on the same page and stay on track to reach their objectives. Deep thinking, creative problem-solving, positive learning, and clear outcomes happen. 

support Services


Visual Logic can support your Conference Call or Video Conference with Graphic Recording over the Web.  A number of online tools are available to allow participants to view the chart remotely.  We can also create charts after-the-fact from audio or video recordings.


Processes, Visions and Strategies are just a few of the things that can be communicated more effectively with well-conceived graphics.  Visual Logic creates beautiful murals that convey your message in a compelling and memorable way.  We'll facilitate a discovery session to develop ideas and concepts, then work with you to design a large-scale graphic that can be used in a multitude of ways.


Visual Logic can fill in the gaps if you have a small staff or little time. As part of the planning process, we may design wall-sized graphic templates to both guide and capture group work. Easy and fun to use, you'll be amazed at their impact on group productivity and innovation. Templates work beautifully with other pre-charted materials to create an engaging and productive meeting environment, and will be customized to fit your process, industry and organizational culture. Please get in touch to learn more.    

Additional support services we can provide include:

  • Capturing Photographic Memories and Moments
  • Participant Feedback and Follow-Up Tools and Resources
  • Web-Posting of Photos, Charts, and other Documents for viewing, sharing, and downloading (password-access available)

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